Emergent Learning’s digital solutions are accessible and competency based. From our world-class project-based learning platform to flipbooks and digital-content creation services, we support publisher state adoption bids, digital-content development, hosting, and support.

Project-Based Learning Program

Emergent Learning can help you design a digital project-based learning program. Project-based learning promotes student-driven exploration of real-world challenges. Students apply their learning by solving a realistic problem, collaborating with peers, and thinking critically. Points and credentials, earned via social engagement and learning accomplishments, support students’ climb up a leaderboard. Emergent Learning’s project-based learning platform is easily integrated with standard learning management systems and is accessibility compliant. Teacher metrics track project progress and assessment success as well as individual student learning. After finishing all of the projects, students have built an e-portfolio and earned a certificate of completion.

Digital Assessments

Emergent Learning’s digital formative and summative assessments support student learning and help teachers track student progress. Objective and subjective questions using interactives (drag/drop, graphic organizers, case studies, etc.) drive higher-order learning, engagement, and efficiency. All assessments are tracked by class and student with detailed dashboards for immediate remediation and intervention, as well as adaptive teaching practice.


A flipbook is an online format for presenting traditional print documents. Flipbooks are the perfect solution for creating review or sample copies quickly and inexpensively. This valuable tool allows you to:


  • Access the material on any browser and on any device
  • Display content in the same format as the original PDF
  • Maintain the feeling of reading a book (turning pages)
  • Offer multiple viewing options (downloadable pdf, online viewing, or printed copy)
  • Embed videos or add URLs
  • Share via social media
  • Scroll through thumbnails and search text


Emergent Learning understands the demands of the 21st Century Learner. The use of educational games can help make learning more contextualized and motivational. EduGaming encourages students to master skills through repeated practice with goal-setting, decision-making, and problem-solving. Games can help students stay on task and offer a safe, low-consequence environment for failure. Our digital platform supports points earned for learning accomplishments and social engagement, as well as compulsion loops (circular chains of activities to keep players engaged), leaderboards, badges, and micro-credentialing for competition, program completion, and, ultimately, learning achievement. Let Emergent Learning design educational games tailored to your specific needs.

Digital-Learner Experience Storyboarding

A storyboard is a map that guides you through your eLearning course design. Let Emergent Learning help you make your eLearning development process more efficient with our digital-learner experience storyboarding services. eLearning must be well planned in order to engage students and deliver an effective learning experience. With our storyboarding capabilities, you will be able to see how your material is presented and verify that the learning objectives are met. Storyboarding will help you ensure that your content is focused and will put the critical learning experience before the visual design.


When the learning environment calls for something less than a full textbook or online course, let Emergent Learning work with you to develop interactive tutorials that meet the needs of shorter instructional programs. Tutorials are ideal for independent study, educator professional development, or scenario-focused project-based learning reinforcement. Your tutorial can include video clips, competitive games, social networking among students, and instant feedback to gauge retention.


Partner with us to define, produce, and manage your project.

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Create a new and engaging curricular program.


Ensure that your content meets the needs of all learners.

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How can we help you today?