Introducing The Accessibility Imperative


The Accessibility Imperative is a Professional Development course that educates K-12 professionals on how to deliver more accessible learning experiences to students with diverse abilities.


Each of the six sections of the course helps educators-as-learners to understand diverse disabilities and common barriers to learning. Participants will learn how to develop more accessible pedagogy, curriculum, and digital materials.

Course Contents

  • Identify the moral and legal imperatives for accessibility.
  • Recognize the identifiers and common needs of students with disabilities.
  • Evaluate the accessibility of current pedagogy, curriculum and materials.
  • Utilize tools and resources to make learning experiences more accessible.
  • Design and deliver more accessible learning experiences for all students.
  • Create a culture of accessibility at your school or district.

Upon completing this 7-hour course, participants earn a Certificate of Completion as a Champion of Accessibility. This valuable credential demonstrates that you are taking a proactive approach to including all learners in your community.

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