Ever thought of creating your own instructional content?

Have you ever found yourself browsing a catalog for educational resources only to feel frustrated because you can’t find the right materials for your specific needs? Luckily, today’s educators can create their own instructional content. Whether supplementing existing programs or creating an entirely new curriculum, teachers can design personalized lessons that target precise educational goals.

If you’ve ever thought of creating or reworking your own instructional content but just don’t know where to start, here are some tips to help you get going:

  1. Set clear objectives: Begin with the end in mind. What do you want your students to have mastered by the end of your course? What standards must be addressed? Develop specific goals and communicate them from the start. Revisit these goals repeatedly.
  2. Organize the information: Use your objectives to help you structure your material. Start with an outline. Correlate any necessary standards. Present the content in a way that will make sense to your unique learners. Use headings, bullets, or numbers to give order to the material.
  3. Write a manuscript: Draft your content without worrying about design features and formatting at first. Use a writing style that is engaging and easy to read.
  4. Edit your work: Reread your content for clarity and cohesion. Proofread for the basics: spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Revise for flow. Be sure your work is concise and error-free. Update the format if needed.
  5. Design the look and feel: Design and layout can make a world of difference. Think about space on the page, images, color choices, and font styles. Decide if audio/video features can enhance your work. Always be sure to check for copyright infringement.


Creating your own content may feel overwhelming. You might find it hard to get started or need some help fine-tuning content you have already written. Emergent Learning may be able to help. We provide guidance from start to finish with complete editorial assistance as well as design and production services. If you are interested, we can start by evaluating a sample of your content and making some recommendations for improvement. Please email us at peterm@emergentlearningllc.com.