Learning Microsoft Office 365: 2019 Edition Level 1 teaches introductory skills of the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access) in the context of business scenarios. The text covers Associate level Microsoft Office Specialist certification for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

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Streamlined chapters and short lessons underscore real-life business settings

  • What You Will Learn. Each lesson starts with an overview of the learning objectives covered in the lesson.
  • Words to Know. Key terms are included and defined at the start of each lesson and then highlighted in the text.
  • What You Can Do. Concise notes for learning the computer concepts.
  • Try It.Hands-on practice activities provide brief procedures to teach all necessary skills.
  • These projects give students a chance to create documents, spreadsheets, database objects, and presentations by entering information. Steps provide all the how-to information needed to complete a project.
  • Each lesson concludes with a project that challenges students to apply what they have learned through steps that tell them what to do, without all the how-to information. In the Apply projects, students must show they have mastered each skill set.
  • Each chapter ends with two assessment projects, Critical Thinking and Portfolio Builder, which incorporate all the skills covered throughout the chapter.

Exclusive Teacher’s Resources

The Teacher’s Wraparound Edition is a truly unique teaching resource featuring point-of-use notes, tips, strategies, and differentiated lesson plans for advanced, less advanced, special needs and ESL students.  Other features of the Teacher’s Wraparound Edition include:

Other Teacher Resources include:

  • A comprehensive Test Bank with TestGen grading software
  • Visual Aides in PowerPoint for Classroom presentations
  • Solution files of all the exercises and projects in the text

LMS Delivery Solutions!

Delivered on a robust Learning Management System, Learning Microsoft® Office eCourse is a media-enhanced eText with video tutorials, embedded data files, assessments, pop-up glossary terms, and more. For students working towards MOS certification, step-by-step projects provide the opportunity to master MOS objectives. For instructors, the eCourse includes assignment, customization, gradebook, and reporting functionality.  Teacher resources include the Teacher’s Wraparound Edition eText, self-grading assessments, classroom reports, solution files, customization tools, and more.


Auto-graded projects done live in the application!

Challenging projects can be automatically graded saving teachers hours of time. Students complete the projects live in the application and send the file to the teacher. The teacher uploads the file to the Grader application and the student receives instant grading with detailed feedback.

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